7 Best Plate Carriers of 2021

Best Plate Carrier

To define the best plate carrier, it is a load bearing system that provide protection against ballistics. Every product varies with the degree of protection that it can provide to the user.

Basically, it is like a protection jacket with inserted plates in the front and back. The carrier covers the vital organs of the body such as heart, lungs, and centre of the torso from bullets and shrapnel.

You might get it mistaken with the bulletproof vests which is quite similar in shape. However, the difference is that the vest is wore beneath the clothes whereas you can belt carrier on the top of the clothes.

The application is that it gives you complete protection from the bullets and ballistics. So, people that live in such areas where blasts or bullet attacks are typical or the policeman, they should definitely purchase the best plate carrier.

While there is massive amount of choices available in the good plate carriers, you can consider the following suggestions that we have made.

After thoroughly studying about all these products, we have put forward a good word for these. So, pay attention and read all the amazing recommendations.


Product Name



Current Price

1. Gloryfire Tactical Vest Modular Plate Carrier

5.7 x 6.8 in

3.1 lbs

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2. Condor Recon Chest Rig Plate Carrier


3.0 lbs

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3. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Plate Carrier

21 x 13 x 3 in

5.0 lbs

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4. Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Plate Carrier


1.8 lbs

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5. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical SWAT Plate Carrier

21 x 20 x 2 in

1.6 lbs

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6. Barska Loaded Gear VX-200 Plate Carrier

22.0 x 20.5 x 52.0 in

1.0 lb

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7. Yakeda Army 1063 Plate Carrier

22.83 x 15.74 x 4.33 in

3.0 lbs

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1. Gloryfire Tactical Vest Modular Plate Carrier

Photo: Gloryfire

  • Dimension: 5.7 x 6.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs

This tactical vest from Gloryfire can be rated among the top plate carrier vest in out list today. Well, why? One is because of the superior quality material; the product makes an exceptional purchase.

The vest comes with an Emergency drag handle which is not only removable but also anti-slip padded shoulder pads with hook and loop guides. This gives better fit and holding of the vest.

There are adjustable shoulder straps- hook and loop webbing which make this product more secure and versatile. The heavyweight webbing is to provide more strength to the product so that it can accommodate heavy weighed belongings.

You will be delighted to know that padded mesh interior lining makes the product quite handy and weightless. Then there is adjustable cummerbund with pockets in medium to large adjustable sizing.

If you are in search of the most comfortable plate carrier then this model is one of the choicest. Starting from the cost to the quality, everything is admirable. Plus, it comes with 2 years of quality warranty.


  • Light in weight
  • High quality construction
  • 2 years warranty
  • Adjustable pocket sizing


  • Bit high in cost
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2. Condor Recon Chest Rig Plate Carrier

Photo: Condor

  • Weight: 3 lbs

If you ask us, this is our personal favourite. You will be completely mesmerized with the smart and army looks of the plate carrier. This is not a conventional product but a little different from others in the list.

The construction of the product clearly defines the high quality. On the top of that, the material used in the making is highly protecting and lightweight so that no movement is restricted.

What will further interest you is the three built in stacker Kangaroo type mag pouch that gives you sufficient space to carry 6 M4 mags and 6 pistol mags. Isn’t this exactly that you were looking for?

As far as the fit is concerned, this one is one size fit all which means that there is swivel push button release buckles that help in easy adjustment of the vest and with a single release, you can set it open.

The shoulder straps area also padded which make wearing the vest quite easy, especially when you are carrying the weight. You will find it so comfortable that there won’t be any restriction of movement and manoeuvrability.

One more thing, this high-quality carrier lies under the grade of $50 which makes it quite affordable. So, all those that have concerns about the price of these products, they will find it the best plate carrier for money.


  • High capacity
  • Amazing design
  • Affordable
  • High quality construction


  • Some people felt that stitching could have been better
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3. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Plate Carrier

Photo: UTG

  • Dimension: 21 x 13 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs

While there is so much that you can do with this brilliantly stitched UTG plate carrier, the heavy weight can be a problem for the ones that are buying this product for the first time.

The first timers must be very careful about the fit and the weight of the plate carrier because sometimes, a heavily weighed product may make them extremely uncomfortable

Well, this one has number of pockets that can accommodate tactical gears, holsters , and magazine pouches. The usefulness of this model is remarkable. And considering the dimensions, we can say that this one has the tendency to protect you from all kind of possible attacks.

Furthermore, this has a heavy duty back loop system to make it easy for you to carry surplus tools. Plus, the high-quality zipper also makes it easy for you to wear and take off.

The signature mesh ventilation system helps in dissipating heat and moisture from the vest. As far as the material is concerned, superior quality fabric and combination of materials in used in the construction.

You can rest assured that your safety is in safe hands. Undeniably, this is a top plate carrier vest in our list.


  • High quality stitch
  • Heavy duty loop system
  • Durable
  • Adjustable


  • The size does not fit all
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4. Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Plate Carrier

Photo: Condor

  • Weight: 1.8 lbs

Well, this one from Condor is the best lightweight plate carrier in our list. One thing that you must keep in account is that the plate carrier must be lightweight. Considering the fact that there are things that the vest has to carry makes it quite bulky.

That is why, you should not buy a product that comes in huge weight. Because in such a case, it will be very difficult to handle the overall weight of the vest.

This modular vest has the signature construction of Condor. As far as the looks are concerned, this is available in black colour and suits the needs of every individual.

The padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry and keep you comfortable all day long. The 6 built-in mag pouches give you enough space to keep your necessary belongings.

In order to make the vest extremely strong and durable, it has heavyweight webbing for modular attachments. Then there are 2 internal mesh pockets that can keep your tools confined from the eyeballs around.

Of course, the adjustable and removable chest platform make it better for adjusting the vest as per your needs and wants. From the comfort to high end features, everything about this product is simply commendable.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Adjustable size
  • Very light in weight
  • Internal mesh pockets to keep the weapon confined


  • The ventilation is not so great
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5. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical SWAT Plate Carrier

Photo: Ultimate Arms Gear

  • Dimension: 21 x 20 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs

This product from Ultimate Arms is the best affordable plate carrier in our list that is enriched with amazing features. To begin with, the overall quality is quite appreciable.

Since the quality is quite promising, this model is ideal for military & law enforcement entry teams. From this, you can well determine the strength of the carrier.

Then, this is a fully adjustable carrier with length and girth of perfect fit. Single size of this product fits most up to 1xL adult. You can also share it with your peers if you like.

The capacity is also decent and allow you to keep enough stuff along with as you train or go out on a hunting expedition. Whether it is the bullets or the pistols, there is a room for everything of your need. Plus, the access is quite easy. You are sure to love this plate carrier.


  • One size fits all
  • Good ventilating
  • Sufficient space


  • Size is not very comfortably adjustable
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6. Barska Loaded Gear VX-200 Plate Carrier

Photo: Barska

  • Dimension: 22 x 20.5 x 52 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb

Most of the buyers look for an extremely affordable product. That is what we have got here for you. This one has 1 lbs weight which is highly suitable for the new users.

If you are worried about the quality then you shouldn’t be because the making is done splendidly. This one is an ideal hunting tactical vest.

The size if completely adjustable which means that one size fits most. You can also share it with your friends and family instead of buying different product for each one of them.

There are adjustable shoulder panels, ladder buckles, and size straps to help you get the best fit of the vest. Then the web system compartments have the Velcro closures for utmost comfort and security.

The hidden inner pockets are good to keep the arms confined inside so that they are not visible to the watchers. The overall quality of this product is quite appreciable.


  • Excellent quality
  • Sufficient pockets
  • Good ventilation
  • High in quality


  • Size is not too appropriate
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7. Yakeda Army 1063 Plate Carrier

Photo: Yakeda Army

  • Dimension: 22.83 x 15.74 x 4.33 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs

The concluding model in our list is this product from Yakeda which is great in weight and perfectly priced as well. There was hardly anything that we didn’t like about this model.

Starting from its highly desiring looks, this model will simply impress you at the first gaze. Then comes its efficiency of holding the bullets and guns and pouches, well, you can find them all stacked nicely in the front.

There are 3 pistol mag pouches that can be adjusted in height and size. Also, there are 3 ammo pouches. A large shell carrying pouch and a shooting pad.

The tough nylon mesh material helps in good ventilation of the product. You can zip it up from the front and comfortably wear it to work or for activities. This will give you quick and easy access to all the tools that you are carrying.


  • Lots of mag pouches
  • Good ventilation
  • High quality construction
  • Adjustable size


  • Tall heighted people will find it small
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How to Buy the Best Plate Carrier

Just like any other product, the range is plate carrier is also endless. Today, there are various brands that are manufacturing high quality plate carrier that are equipped with all the essential features.

The prime task of a plate carrier is to protect the wearer. That is why, this product is ideal for the policeman and survivalists. The range is so diverse that you will be completely amazed with it.

In such perplexity, customers find themselves totally stuck in making the purchase of quality. One prime reason is that customers are unaware of the features that are dire for a plate carrier.

So, in order to help you guys, we will now talk about the features that you must keep in account as you make a purchase.

1. Material

The plate carriers are made with a wide range of materials. The prime materials used in the making of these products are rubber, nylon mesh, and PVC.

  • The structure of the vest is created with the nylon mesh. This material is used to make the base because it is lightweight and durable.
  • Secondly, this material is used because it keeps you cooler. Considering the fact that you need to wear this gear on the top of a t-shirt, it is important for the plate carrier to be cool.
  • Then PVC material is used over the nylon mesh to give the product more strength and final touches. PVC is best in resisting wear and tear and strain.
  • Because the carrier has to carry a lot of weight of the arms, this material is best suitable for carrying all this stuff and offering durability.

In simple words, when you have to make a purchase, be sure that the material used is lightweight and durable.

2. Size

A plate carrier is more like an over wear jacket that conceals your vital organs. While there is not much that we can guide you about the size, you should pick the one which is adjustable and free sized.

This way, even if you want to share the carrier, you can do that too. Most of the products have size mentioned on it. Complete fitting of the carrier is not appreciated because it can make you uncomfortable.

Make sure that the size you guy gives you enough room to move your body effortlessly. Also, since there are a lot of things to be carried in the carrier, it should be extremely durable and comfortable.

3. Weight

Weight of the carrier is very essential. A heavily weighed product can restrict you from doing all the tasks easily. All the activities that you need to do after wearing the vest are restricted.

You might have to wear the carrier for hunting, chasing bad guys or paintball which require quick movement. Heavy product will slow down your performance. If your response at such situation slows down then it can also cost you with your life.

If your body is not meant for heavy carrier then you should always try the lightweight product. But at the same time, make sure that the quality of the product is not compromised due to the light weight.

4. Protection

Well, protection is the prime task that a plate carrier does. It prevents any kind of bodily damage in case of ballistics. That is why, this is a measure that must be considered with utmost significance.

The intensity of danger decides the kind of carrier that you will need. For example, if you face threats from handgun then a soft armor will be sufficient to repel it.

But if the intensity of threats is major then you will have to buy Level III or Level IV category of the product for best protection.


As we finish our plate carrier review, we would like to say that these products are quite essential for your overall protection. Whether you are a policeman or even planning to go on a hunting expedition, the best tactical plate carrier is a must.

We have also discussed all the essential tips to keep in mind while making a purchase. This way, you will not end up with a wrong product.

Please note that the eventual task of a best plate carrier is to protect you from all kind of possible injuries caused due to ballistics. So, while you make a purchase, never forget that you buy the finest materials and a product that gives you complete liberty to run around.

Happy Shopping!

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