Sevylor Coleman Colorado Review: Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Photo: Sevylor

What We Like

  • Sturdy and heavy-duty material
  • Spacious cockpit design
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Lots of storage areas
  • Includes several rod holders
  • Inflates and deflates fast and easily

What We Don’t Like

  • Paddle and pump not provided
  • Relatively slower kayak
  • Rod holders can get in your way as you paddle

Bottom Line

Sevylor Coleman Colorado proves that inflatable kayaks can also be perfect for fishing as it is heavy-duty enough and highly stable on the water.

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Inflatable kayaks are very popular for recreational use for both kids and adults, but a tough and well-built model like this one can still work well for serious anglers. This 2-person kayak holds up to 470 pounds to accommodate the two anglers and their gear.

There are also plenty of rod holders on this kayak, and it will have a more comfortable and spacious cockpit for the riders. Also, it is designed to inflate and deflate easily for a more effortless setup.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Review

Photo: Sevylor

Build Quality: Heavy-Duty PVC Material

There is a common misconception that inflatable kayaks are often inferior quality and will not last as like the solid ones. However, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado discredits this view. It is a heavy-duty model that will outperform and outlast many solid kayaks.

This inflatable kayak is made from an 18-gauge PVC material that is tough and more resistant to tearing and puncturing. The PVC material can take quite a beating and will keep the kayak going for countless fishing trips.

And to make this an even tougher kayak, it will include 1000D tarpaulin bottom that works with the 840D nylon material to ensure this kayak will be even more resistant to tears and punctures.

Kayakers and anglers will love that this 2-person kayak is built to give the riders more than enough space to enjoy their rides. At 10 feet 9 inches long, you can be sure there will be more than enough room on the cockpit.

Maneuverability: Flexible Enough Even for Beginners

Inflatable kayaks like this one are often easier to maneuver, mostly thanks to their smaller weight. At just 41 pounds, any kayaker including the beginners should not have any problem controlling this kayak.

The materials used to make this kayak make it rigid enough to ensure durability, but they also ensure it will be more flexible. And with increased flexibility, it will become easier to maneuver. But, it will be easier to maneuver on flat water than in rough water and windy conditions.

There is also a detachable fin on this kayak that is meant to ensure it will track well in the water, and you should not have a hard time keeping it straight. However, since this is a fairly long kayak, it is recommended that you also get long paddles for the best control.

Stability: Well-Rounded for Increased Stability

Overall, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado is a well-rounded inflatable kayak. This trait helps to ensure that this kayak will be as stable as possible.

If you also add the fact that it is over 3 feet wide, which means it will make perfect contact with the water, you can be confident that you will have a highly stable kayak. Better yet, the kayak has a flat bottom, which is very effective at enhancing its overall stability.

Unlike many other kayaks that seem to be slightly front, top, or side heavy, this model seems to have the weight perfectly balanced to make it super stable. What's more, the mesh pockets are distributed well on the kayak, which makes it easy to arrange your gear to ensure even more stability.

Design: Ergonomic and Spacious

With the more ergonomic and spacious design, this kayak is meant to ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible for more successful and fun fishing trips. Besides being spacious, the kayak also includes two highly comfortable seats that can also be easily adjusted.

This kayak is also designed with multiple air chambers, which is perhaps one of its most useful features. With the multiple chamber design, this kayak will still float even if one of the chambers was punctured, and hence allowing you to get to the shore safely. Furthermore, it also has an airtight system that will ensure it will never leak.

And you will also never have any issues with the inflation or deflation, as it will include double-threaded Boston valves that will help speed up the process and make it more efficient. But, it is also important to note that the pump will not be included in the package.

There are also several rod holders on the kayak that will help make it easy to transport your rods to your favorite fishing sport and will also allow for hands-free fishing. And the paddle holders will also be very useful when fishing.

Angler and kayakers will also appreciate that this kayak will include trolling motor fittings as they will make it possible to fit a motor when you want to get more speed, and hence expand the fishing capability.

Storage Compartment: Several Mesh Pockets Provided

While this fishing kayak will not have one large storage compartment like many others, it has several mesh pockets which are also equally useful as they will hold a lot of gear and make it easy to organize.

These mesh pockets will make it easy to keep everything that you need including your snacks close as they are conveniently located on the sides close to the kayaker.

And if you still need more space for storing a few other things or larger gear that might not fit on the pocket, there is still some room left at the back and front depending on the heights of the users and how you position the seats.

Also, if you want to carry even more items for your fishing trip, you can use the included D-rings to attach other equipment to your kayak.

Transport: Lightweight and Inflatable Style Ensure Easy Transport

This kayak weighs just 41 pounds, which is quite lightweight even for an inflatable kayak. What this means is that any adult can easily carry it around, whether it is inflated or deflated.

The fact that that this is an inflatable kayak also means that when you need to transport it, you only have to deflate and fold it down to a more compact and manageable size. And it will also come with a nice carry bag that will come in handy for transport and storage.

When you just want to move the kayak around, there is also some nice carry handles that you can use to drag it and for carrying by two people when itis inflated.  And you do not have to worry about damaging the kayak when dragging it in or out of the water as it has a tough tarpaulin bottom.

Price: Hard To Get Anything Better without Spending More

Given the smaller price tag of the Sevylor Coleman Colorado and the durable overall construction, it will be super hard to get a better model than this without spending more money. And this is regardless of whether it is also inflatable or solid.

For a kayak in the under $500 price range , it will be hard to beat the durability, convenience, and performance of this model, and you can be confident it will be a wise purchase as it provides excellent value for your bucks.


A heavy-duty inflatable kayak that provides plenty of space for two anglers, and it has several amazing features to ensure you get great value for your cash.

Sevylor makes this kayak with 18-gauge PVC to ensure it will be one of the toughest inflatable kayaks out there. Besides durability, it has a spacious and comfortable cockpit and will also include several mesh storage pockets for your gear. And to make it an even better choice, there are also some handy rod and paddle holders.


  • Product Name: Sevylor Coleman Colorado
  • Product Brand: Sevylor
  • Material: 18-gauge PVC
  • Capacity: 2-Person
  • Weight Capacity: 470 pounds
  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Inflated dimensions: 10 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 3 in.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

Key Features

  • 18-gauge PVC is thick and heavy-duty enough
  • Airtight system will never leak
  • Rod holders help free your hands for fishing
  • Double-threaded Boston valve for easy and fast inflation
  • Multiple air chambers ensure it remains afloat in case of a puncture
  • 470-pound capacity is enough for two anglers and their gear
  • Trolling motor fittings make it possible to mechanize it by adding a motor
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